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The Three Paragraph Rule

 Excerpts from “How to Write a Great Query Letter” by Noah T. Lukeman

“Their might be spontaneity, but their won’t be chaos.”

“It is nearly certain that his manuscript, too, will be longer than it needs to be, less reigned in. ”

Yep. These two fine sentences are from an article by a big-shot agent about how to write a “great” query letter. Hmm. You think Lukeman recommends proofreading? This kind of error really bugs me.

Especially when said article is an excerpt from an e-book Lukeman wants me to buy. An 80-page e-book. For $24.95. Discounted from $40. I’m not making this up.

At 3 egregious errors in about 1,000 words of sample . . . no, thanks.

And Mr. Lukeman would say the same thing if I sent him a query with “their” used instead of “there.”


Society’s Toxins, Caught on Tape

William Raspberry’s column on that handcuffed 5-year-old in Florida contains an interesting reference I want to write about a little later today, if I can find the time between working on my novel, making earrings, and taking the backup child out to buy Nationals’ hats this afternoon. Meanwhile, here’s the paragraph that annoys me:

Society’s Toxins, Caught on Tape: “My guess is that if a child bore scars of physical abuse, we’d move to intervene. But psychic wounds leave scars, too. Is there no way for the community to intervene to minimize them? Can’t we provide counseling — private counseling, not counseling that would be seen as serving the schools systems’ interest — for parent and child? Can’t we look at ourselves (as so few of us did during my own childhood) and ask what godawful messages we are sending to kids whose parents are too poor, whose hair too nappy, skin too black, families too disreputable to warrant much respect from teachers — or protection from the rest of us?”