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In the Majors

No such thing as a stupid question? Nice thought, but I hear stupid questions every day. Today, a resume coach suggested job seekers compose a functional “additional data sheet” covering experience et cetera that shouldn’t be included on a resume but can be handed to an interviewer. A job seeker asked what was the difference between that and a cover letter.

Once you’re in the pros, folks, think before you speak.

To give the coach credit, he answered that one is a cover letter and the other is an additional data sheet. Ask a stupid question…


Today’s Amusing Typo

As one or the other of my readers might know, I’ve been editing for an online copy sweatshop. Daily, I’m amused, frustrated, or outright pissed off by something. The most recent article was perfect until I reached this funny sentence:

Disposable pie pans work well as symbols.

Suppose they might?