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Surreal News

I’m dismantling an old website piece by piece and posting these bits here.

posted 22 Apr 2004
Poets die young – U.S. study Wed Apr 21,10:19 PM ET By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Correspondent

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Poets die young — younger than novelists, playwrights and other writers, a U.S. researcher says. It could be because poets are tortured and prone to self-destruction, or it could be that poets become famous young, so their early deaths are noticed, said James Kaufman of the Learning Research Institute at California State University at San Bernardino.

For the report, published in the Journal of Death Studies, Kaufman studied 1,987 dead writers from various centuries from the United States, China, Turkey and Eastern Europe. He classified the writers as fiction writers, poets, playwrights, and non-fiction writers. He did not study the causes of death.

…”On average, poets lived 62 years, playwrights 63 years, novelists 66 years and non-fiction writers lived 68 years,” Kaufman said in an interview conducted by e-mail.

Kaufman has also studied poets and mental illness.

“What I found was pretty consistent with the death finding actually, female poets were much more likely to suffer from mental illness (e.g., be hospitalised, commit suicide, attempt suicide) than any other kind of writer and more likely than other eminent women,” he said.

posted 19 Apr 2004
Playing with Fire … Really
To add a little heat to their love life, Darlene Humby and her boyfriend decided to try playing with matches. They hadn’t made it past the foreplay stage when the man’s shirt caught on fire, perhaps with the help of some lighter fluid. As the fire engulfed the man’s shirt, sex suddenly didn’t seem as important as booking it to the emergency room.

While the unfortunate victim headed to the hospital with second and third degree burns on his face, arms, neck, and torso, Darlene was taken to the police station. She has been sentenced to three years in jail for second-degree assault. Meanwhile, her boyfriend spent two weeks in Strong Memorial Hospital’s burn unit and required two skin grafts.

posted 14 Apr 2004
I’m Going to Pull Your Leg Off … Really
FREDRICKSBURG, Va. – A Virginia man has been charged with pulling off a neighbor’s prosthetic leg and beating him with it during an argument. The fight started when the victim, Michael Clapp, 38, discovered a bottle of medicine missing from his Townsend Boulevard apartment Wednesday night, The Free Lance Star of Fredricksburg, Va., reported Friday.

Clapp suspected his neighbor, 27-year-old Rodney Prophitt, and went next door to confront him, city police spokesman Jim Shelhorse said. Upon being confronted, Prophitt knocked Clapp to the ground, then pulled off Clapp’s artificial leg and struck him with it several times. “At some point, Clapp was able to grab his leg back, get back to his apartment and call 911,” Shelhorse said. Police charged Prophitt with felonious assault and petty larceny. Clapp was treated at Mary Washington Hospital for a broken nose and other facial injuries.