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Hi Mustang Guy

First, a public service harangue: People, stop talking on your cell phones on the highway. Just stop it. You cannot drive safely when you are obviously engaged in an absorbing conversation–yes, I can tell from the way you look as I glance over in fear at your giant pickup truck that you are yelling at someone on your phone. STOP IT!

OK, so yesterday, I’m almost home when I pull up at a red light next to a car just like mine, a beautiful red Mustang. They are rarer than you might think. So there we are, side by side, and I’m looking over at a middle-aged guy with long hair, and I’m thinking perfect opportunity for a little harmless stranger flirting, right? Same good taste, he might be interesting… The guy is busy playing with his Garmin or something and never looks over. So what comes on the radio at that very moment? “I can’t get no … satisfaction”! Hilarious. So I turned it up and gunned the engine. I think he noticed me then, but I was too busy playing with my engine to care.

But Mick Jagger made me smile.

And today’s funny is…