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Three Years Later…

My life is vastly different, better in many ways, and the future is different too. So I’m starting again here, at my favorite blog address, because why not? I joined Facebook this week, updated my participation on Linked In, and in general geared myself up for the probability I will be part of this Monday’s new statistics on layoffs. What do you want to bet we pass last week’s totals?

Why doesn’t that depress me more?

I’ve already applied for a job I think I could love and seen an ad for another. Trying not to be excited about either, because why get worked up? I’m also going ahead with the business plan I’ve been fussing with for a couple of years, not to mention the massive fantasy novel ms. that keeps my imagination in gear and the anxiety at bay.

Long ago, I used to post what I was reading on my Web site, and I miss that, so…I’m reading Dead in Dallas, the second “True Blood” novel, for diversion, and a book about selling on eBay (determined to clean out the last of the bookstore stock still in storage). I’m avoiding reading a book about teaching your teen how to drive, which I need to do because it’s coming up again for me, and my daughter is a different animal from my son. Whole new ballgame.

Speaking of which, spring training cannot start soon enough for me. This has been a dark winter.

OK, in keeping with my old title, I have something to share. It reminds me of an ad I saw today: someone wanted “a prove reader to be paid when the book is published!” Well, here you go–prove reading is important.

From Craig’s List:

Top Pay for Evening Shit Cleaning Supervisor (Glen Burnie, MD)

Reply to:
Date: 2008-12-23, 11:17AM EST
National cleaning company has an opening for a working evening janitorial-supervisor….

What do you suppose constitutes top pay for shit cleaning?

Cheers, jw