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Creative Journaling Intro

What is it?

Journaling is more than diary-keeping or scrapbooking. Recording your inner world is possibly the most original form of art.splat

Creative journaling simply adds visual and sometimes textural elements to the story we’re more used to telling with words.

Who can do it?

Anyone, even if you can’t draw or think you can’t “make art.”

Why should we do it?

  • To create a record of the only thing we truly know: ourselves
  • To help us know ourselves a little better
  • To improve our mental and physical health (yes, really!)
  • To explore and discover new things, thoughts, feelings, and understanding
  • And it’s fun!

What do we need to have to start?smudge

A pencil, some paper, intention, and time.

That’s all?

Pretty low risk, huh?

You can add other items as you go along and discover your preferences for expressing yourself. I’ll post some lists, including free and low-cost stuff to use, in the days ahead.

When should I do it?

When you wish.

Journaling is a tool, not another chore.

Write out your dreams and thoughts first thing in the morning, last thing at bedtime, or whenever you want to in between. Make art when you are moved to do so. It doesn’t matter which you do first, or even if you never finish a page.

This journal is yours, and no one else will see it unless you want them to.

Where should I do it?

Anywhere! Having a dedicated space helps motivate most of us, but you can carry it with you. Tuck a small notebook or some index cards, a pen, and a glue stick in your pocket or bag, and you’re always ready! Smaller pieces can be glued into a larger journal later.

Make some art today!