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Today’s Amusing Typo

As one or the other of my readers might know, I’ve been editing for an online copy sweatshop. Daily, I’m amused, frustrated, or outright pissed off by something. The most recent article was perfect until I reached this funny sentence:

Disposable pie pans work well as symbols.

Suppose they might?


The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture (blog): “Even if you have visited the Smithsonian in person, you probably don’t know that it’s comprised of 19 museums and 9 research centers.”

The Bigger Picture indeed. I went to check out this new blog (which is no longer there–ed.) because my backup child aspires to be a professional photographer. Then I see this glaring grammatical error in the first frakking pgraph.

More copy everywhere you look, every day, and most of it unedited. I don’t know whether to scream or cry. I’m pretty sure I need to change professions.

Depressedly, Julia